Explore Our Board-to-Board Connectors

Discover the versatility and reliability of board-to-board connectors at Samytronic. Board-to-board connectors are essential components for establishing secure and detachable connections between PCBs in electronic assemblies. They offer seamless integration and flexibility for various industrial applications.


Our board-to-board connectors are widely used in industries such as:
- Consumer Electronics
- Telecommunications
- Automotive Industry
- Industrial Automation
- Medical Technology

Advantages of Our Connectors

Compact and Robust Design: Our connectors are designed to be space-saving yet durable, ensuring optimal performance even under demanding conditions.
Cost-Effective Manufacturing: We prioritize cost-efficient manufacturing without compromising on quality, making our connectors suitable for both mass production and specialized projects.
Standardized and RoHS-Compliant: All our connectors comply with industry standards and RoHS regulations, ensuring environmental protection and safety.

Custom Manufacturing Options

At Samytronic, we understand that unique applications require tailored solutions. We specialize in customizing board-to-board connectors to meet specific project requirements. From initial prototype development to full-scale production, our experienced team is dedicated to delivering innovative solutions that exceed expectations. Explore our range of board-to-board connectors and discuss your individual requirements with our experts. Contact us today to find out how we can support your developments.