Threaded inserts

High Quality Threaded Inserts

Whether a fan is to be mounted on the PCB or the PCB itself is to be installed in a housing, threaded supports such as nuts or spacer bushings are needed. In many cases, these have to be mounted in a separate Operation.

Samytronic's threaded inserts and insert nuts are electromechanical components specifically designed for SMT applications. Since the threaded nuts or sockets are supplied in convenient, machine-compliant tape and reel packaging, they can be machine assembled directly in the assembly process onto pads pre-printed with solder paste. In the reflow oven, the threaded insert bonds to the PCB without destroying it, as could be the case with press-fitting.

Any sizes and variations

Threaded inserts or bushings can be supplied in various heights and diameters, with or without thread. Base material is steel or copper alloy as standard. Surface tin plated or nickel plated. ROHS compliant.

Customized Manufacturing

We will help you with our many years of experience with the development of new components and low cost manufacturing. If you have any questions, you can contact us here.

Choose between the SMTML Series, SMTWGM/SMTWAM Series and the MP2 Series:



SMTML Series

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About the SMTWGM/SMTWAM-Series (compatible to WA-SMSI/WA-SMST)...

MP2 Series

About the MP2-Series (compatible to KF2) The...